Once an award has been finalized, the performer will begin project work. The performer will also be required to start reporting on a regular basis (per the Attachment 4 stipulations) and invoicing for the work being performed. Performers will have access to ARPA-E’s program management tool, the Energy Program Information Center (ePIC), where incurred costs and technical/schedule progress will be tracked and the majority of required reports will be submitted.

If there are issues with a performer’s project schedule, technical, or cost performance during the period of performance (POP), modifications can be undertaken by working with the ARPA-E project team. The Program Director and ARPA-E project team will be the main points of contact during the POP. The ARPA-E project team is made up of a Tech-to-Market (T2M) Advisor, Technical (Tech) Science and Engineering Technical Assistant (SETA), and Program Management (PM) SETA.

For SBIR/STTR awards, please note under “Requesting Reimbursement/Invoicing,” there is a special fixed obligation payment schedule for Phase I for performers. Additionally, the “SBIR/STTR Continuation Approvals” section includes guidance and necessary forms related to moving between phases. 

Upon completion of the POP, the performer will be required to submit closeout reports within 90 days of the project end date. The ARPA-E project team will send these directly to the performer prior to closeout.

• Reimbursement Requests/Invoicing
• Project Management Tool – ePIC
• Project Management Reporting Requirements
• Subject Invention Reporting
• SBIR/STTR Continuation Approvals
• Award Modification Requests
• Technology-to-Market
• Export Control
• Close-out Reporting