6.5 kV, 100 A SiC Power Module Technology to Meet 21st Century Energy Demands

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Newtonville, New York
Project Term:
07/19/2021 - 07/18/2023

Technology Description:

NoMIS Power Group (NoMIS) aims to bring to market within two years silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductor devices and modules at less than half the cost of today’s commercial-off-the-shelf-solutions. The team will achieve this by sourcing chips from U.S. suppliers, in-house development of an innovative SiC module design, and outsourced module manufacturing in the U.S. The team will rigorously test the devices at leading U.S. research institutions. In the process, NoMIS will help develop an indigenous U.S.-based supply chain for this critical technology, such as electric vehicle fast chargers, solid-state transformers, and direct current (DC) protection equipment, high-voltage DC converters, and locomotive traction motor drives.


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Dr. Isik Kizilyalli
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Dr. Adam Morgan
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