Autonomous Intelligent Assistant (AutonomIA): Resilient and Energy-Efficient City-wide Transportation Operations

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Richland, Washington
Project Term:
09/12/2022 - 09/12/2025

Technology Description:

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory team will combine artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced controls, while leveraging CAV and roadside infrastructure advances to transform transportation management. The team’s traffic management system, AutonomIA, will reduce congestion, improve energy efficiency, and reduce emissions across regional transportation systems. The system includes four innovative components: (1) real-time and context-aware transportation state estimation, (2) scalable and computationally efficient traffic forecasting, (3) predictive control, and (4) hierarchical reinforcement learning. AutonomIA’s traffic forecasting and real-time traffic management approach will reduce emissions by leveraging emerging CAV, sensing, and signaling technologies within a unified learning, simulation, and control paradigm to improve system-wide situational awareness and energy efficiency.

Potential Impact:

AutonomIA will leverage smart and connected technologies embedded within individual automotive vehicles, signals, and sensor systems.


AutonomIA will improve energy efficiency and reduce congestion and associated greenhouse gas emissions by minimizing travel delays on roads and highways and reducing idling times. The team will demonstrate an energy efficiency improvement of 20% at the city level relative to current traffic management approaches.


The system will improve the resiliency of the transportation system through an advanced, data-driven, real-time control framework.


AutonomIA’s predictive capability will lessen the cost and time that is spent in traffic. The team will demonstrate both a 20% reduction in total waiting time at single intersections, as well as in system travel time and delays for multiple intersections.


ARPA-E Program Director:
Dr. Priyanka Bakaya
Project Contact:
Dr. Sonja Glavaski
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Yunex Traffic A Siemens Business
AimSun, Inc.
University of California, Berkeley
Traffic Technology Services,Inc.
City of Coral Gables, FL

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