Beyond Lithium-Ion Solid-State Battery

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Peekskill, New York
Project Term:
12/01/2013 - 09/30/2015

Technology Description:

Bettergy is developing an inexpensive battery that uses a novel combination of solid, non-flammable materials to hold a greater amount of energy for use in EVs. Conventional EV batteries are typically constructed using costly materials and require heavy, protective components to ensure safety. Consequently, these heavy battery systems require the car to expend more energy, leading to reduced driving range. Bettergy will research a battery design that utilizes low-cost energy storage materials to reduce costs, and solid, non-flammable components that will not leak to improve battery safety. Bettergy plans to do this while reducing the battery weight for greater efficiency so vehicles can drive further on a single charge.

Potential Impact:

If successful, Bettergy’s solid-state battery would reduce battery costs up to 5 times, reducing overall vehicle costs through its use of inexpensive materials and versatile placement options.


The mass adoption of EVs would diminish the demand for petroleum, dramatically reducing U.S. dependence on foreign oil.


Greater use of EVs would reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, 28% of which come from the transportation sector.


Technological advancements from the RANGE program could enable EVs to travel significantly further on a single charge at a much lower cost than that of current EVs and conventional vehicles.


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Dr. Ping Liu
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Dr. Lin-Feng Li
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