Wayne, Pennsylvania
Project Term:
05/23/2022 - 05/22/2025

Technology Description:

Johnson Matthey, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Consol Energy will adapt the Catalytic Oxidation METhane (COMET™) methane abatement system to convert vent air methane at a Consol Energy coal mining site. The COMET methane system has shown potential for controlling dilute methane emissions. The team will use cost-effective technology to achieve over 99.5% methane conversion efficiency at temperatures below 1112 ºF for methane concentration in the range of 0.1-1.6%, representing nearly all ventilation air methane sources in the U.S. The work will focus on further developing the catalyst itself, concentrating on economic viability through mass producible formulations, maintaining low temperature activity, and optimizing precious metal loading. Then the team will conduct a field demonstration at the Consol Energy site, where a small portion of the exhaust air will be treated through the prototype system.

Potential Impact:

REMEDY addresses methane emissions from domestic oil, gas, and coal value chains, accounting for 78% of U.S. primary energy.


REMEDY systems will reduce the environmental footprint from the production and use of domestic resources.


A key REMEDY process performance metric is to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions > 87% on a life cycle basis. This metric ensures proposed solutions provide a holistic environmental benefit. If successful, REMEDY processes have the potential to reduce U.S. methane emissions by at least 60 million tons of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalents) per year.


REMEDY goals call for 99.5% methane reduction while meeting a levelized cost less than $40/ton of CO2e.


ARPA-E Program Director:
Dr. Jack Lewnard
Project Contact:
Dr. Joseph Fedeyko
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Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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