Detection and Fixation - A Lifecycle-management Framework Towards an SF6-Free Green Power Network

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Storrs, Connecticut
Project Term:
02/22/2022 - 02/21/2025

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The University of Connecticut proposes to develop a life-cycle management framework to accelerate and safeguard the transition of the U.S. power grid toward a sulfur hexafluoride (SF6)-free green power network. Although SF6 has several positive properties, it also has a global warming potential (GWP) 25,200 times that of CO2. Studies suggest the alternative environmentally friendly gas mixture g3TM as a promising potential replacement for SF6. The team will focus on leaks, aging byproduct detection, and fixations (capture and storage) for g3TM, but believes its proposed sensing technologies and life-cycle management can be implemented on all types of equipment. The technologies can be extended to retrofit existing assets for SF6 leak detection and end-of-life fixation.


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Dr. Robert Ledoux
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Dr. Yang Cao
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