Developing Advanced NMR Techniques to Predict and Monitor CO2 Storage and Mineralization for Enhanced Mining Exploration and Operation

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Cambridge, Massachusetts
Project Term:
03/09/2023 - 03/08/2026

Technology Description:

Harvard University (Harvard) aims to advance nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) techniques for CO2 reactive rocks to better determine carbonation potential and storage capacity by quantifying CO2 pore filling saturation based on pore size distribution and in-situ wettability. Mineralization reactions occur only in pores occupied by CO2; thus, understanding CO2 transport and distribution in rock porosities is key to efficient mineralization and sequestration. The technique can be used in the exploration phase to locate the optimal CO2 injection formation and production phase to monitor mineralization and to further optimize field operation. NMR well-logging allows accurate evaluation of CO2 reactive rock formations to optimize field development for the economical deployment of mining and carbon storage. Harvard will expand the productive fields for CO2 injection and enhanced mining by 100%.">

Potential Impact:

The MINER program aims to use the reactive potential of CO2-reactive ore materials to decrease mineral processing energy and increase the yield of energy-relevant minerals via novel negative emission technologies


MINER metrics meet the U.S. need for net-zero, commercial-ready technologies that provide energy-relevant minerals for economic and national security.


In addition to demonstrating carbon negativity, the proposed technologies will quantify and reduce our impact on environmental and human health by addressing ecotoxicity, acidification of air, smog, water pollution, and more.


MINER metrics specify increasing the yield of energy-relevant minerals by reducing unrecovered energy-relevant minerals in tailings in by 50% compared with state of the art.


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Dr. Douglas Wicks
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Dr. Yiqiao Song
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