Digital and Cost-Efficient Production of Hybrid Polymethacrylimide Foam Cores for Radical Lightweighting of Light-Duty Vehicles

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Somerville, Massachusetts
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08/23/2022 - 08/22/2024

Technology Description:

Gencores enables technology for ultra-light vehicles to decarbonize transportation. Herein they demonstrate a scalable and digital production of low-cost and high-performance hybrid Polymethacrylimide (PMI) foam cores for sandwich composite constructions. Sandwich composites feature a foam core wrapped in fiber-reinforced skins and offer a 40-75% weight reduction potential compared with traditional metal alternatives. Current PMI foam cores are costly and time-consuming to produce in complex shapes. Gencores’ hybrid material and digital manufacturing technology will reduce the production cost of complex PMI foam components by up to 75%, unlocking the production of complex structural composites designs for cost-driven marketplaces.


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Dr. Philseok Kim
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Dr. Jules Thiery
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