Economical Data-fused Grid Edge Processor (EDGEPRO) for Future Distribution Grid Control Applications

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OPEN 2018
Cary, North Carolina
Project Term:
02/21/2019 - 05/31/2022

Technology Description:

ABB Inc. will design a low-cost, secure, and flexible next-generation grid service platform to improve grid efficiency and reliability. This technology will merge advanced edge computing, data fusion and machine learning techniques for virtual metering, and create a central repository for grid applications such as distributed energy resource (DER) control and others on one platform. The united platform will consist of four functional layers: (1) communication including data collection and exchange, (2) data processing and distributed state estimation, (3) data standardization and storage, and (4) hosted grid applications designed to enable large-scale deployment of DERs and more flexible grid control. ABB’s approach will integrate and maximize emerging technologies in the transition to a decentralized and distributed electric grid.

Potential Impact:

EDGEPRO will be the first generation of a truly general-purpose grid edge service platform that achieves communication interoperability, has advanced computing and extensive data processing capabilities, offers localized data service, and supports customer configuration of grid applications.


EDGEPRO will facilitate secure and fast communication of grid data from various sources. The project will speed up and support prevention, containment, and control functions to address grid performance and disturbances. This self-healing grid will operate resiliently against system disturbances, natural disasters, and potential cyber security attacks.


More efficient, better managed grid systems and enhanced reliability will reduce utilities’ dependence on fossil fuels for electricity generation, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and help the U.S. meet emissions targets.


EDGEPRO will monitor and manage the grid and grid-connected devices, proactively identifying future grid problems and failures, and will reduce the need to install additional grid monitoring devices. These capabilities will provide distribution utility customers with significant savings on energy efficiency and network reliability improvements.


ARPA-E Program Director:
Dr. Richard O'Neill
Project Contact:
James Stoupis
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North Carolina State University

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