HIT-TD: Plasma Driver Technology Demonstration for Economical Fusion Power Plants

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OPEN 2018
Seattle, Washington
Project Term:
07/01/2019 - 09/30/2022

Technology Description:

CTFusion is developing an early-stage approach to a commercially viable fusion power plant. The company will pursue higher performance in a compact fusion configuration called a spheromak through targeted upgrades of an existing plasma system. The project aims to demonstrate the required physical parameters, engineering performance, and scalability of the team's fusion concept toward an eventual electricity-producing, economical fusion power plant. CTFusion plans to 1) provide an integrated demonstration of its novel plasma sustainment method called imposed-dynamo current drive (IDCD) and 2) confirm the scalability of spheromaks sustained with IDCD toward eventual power plant conditions. Fusion energy has the potential to be a game-changing energy source that is plentiful, safe, and environmentally friendly, producing no harmful emissions. It could work together with renewable energy technologies to provide an economic, clean, and secure energy solution.

Potential Impact:

If successful, this project will establish a pathway toward commercial fusion power that could revolutionize electrical energy markets by enabling the deployment of this economical, clean, safe, secure, on-demand energy source.


CTFusion’s innovation could accelerate the development of cost-effective fusion energy, which may provide a nearly limitless supply of carbon-free power.


Eventual fusion power plants can be nearly emissions-free and produce manageable low-level waste products. If widely adopted, they could significantly reduce or nearly eliminate carbon emissions from the electricity generation sector and beyond.


CTFusion’s approach, if viable, could enable a lower-cost path to fusion energy, while reducing research costs to develop economical fusion power plants.


ARPA-E Program Director:
Dr. Ahmed Diallo
Project Contact:
Mr. Derek Sutherland
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