Liquefied Gas Electrolytes for Next-Gen EV Batteries

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San Diego, California
Project Term:
05/10/2023 - 05/09/2026

Technology Description:

South 8 Technologies will develop high-power lithium-ion battery cells with the capacity to charge rapidly using a novel liquefied gas (LiGas) electrolyte technology. The LiGas electrolyte uses non-toxic and non-corrosive gases, which are already domestically manufactured and widely available, that are liquefied under moderate pressures and can be contained in standard form-factor cylindrical cell cans. The technology has demonstrated excellent performance in conventional graphite/lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide cells and offers several opportunities for cost reduction. South 8 Technologies will harness the inherent safety, high-power, and low-temperature advantages of the LiGas electrolyte in combination with a high-energy, low-cost, and cobalt-free lithium nickel manganese oxide cathode.

Potential Impact:

EVs4ALL’s primary objective is to increase the domestic adoption of new and used EVs by enabling safe, resilient, fast-charging batteries with improved performance at low temperatures.


Solutions will target the use of “noncritical” battery materials, while minimizing the use of cobalt and nickel. A reduced dependence on the importation of critical metals supports U.S. energy independence.


80% adoption of EVs in the U.S. could reduce overall CO2 emissions by 800 million tons/year.


80% adoption of EVs in the U.S. could reduce annual energy consumption by 4 quadrillion British Thermal Units.


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Dr. Halle Cheeseman
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Cyrus Rustomji
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