Multi-Physics Topology Optimization and Additive Manufacturing for High-Temperature Heat Exchangers

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Madison, Wisconsin
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02/14/2022 - 08/14/2024

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The University of Wisconsin aims to integrate multi-physics topology optimization and additive manufacturing to radically improve key performance metrics of high-temperature, high-pressure heat exchangers. To improve thermohydraulic performances and reduce thermal stress, the team will develop a three-physics, two-fluid topology optimization tool for heat exchanger design. The team will also account for additive manufacturing constraints, such as support structure, overhang angle, and build orientation during optimization. This consideration will increase the heat exchanger power density while improving its manufacturability via selective laser melting machine. The additively manufactured heat exchangers will be inspected and tested to determine their thermohydraulic performances using an X Ray computed tomography machine and a test loop.


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Dr. William Horak
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Xiaoping Qian
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