Multidisciplinary Topology Optimization of Extreme Environment Heat Exchangers

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Chicago, Illinois
Project Term:
05/24/2023 - 11/23/2024

Technology Description:

Boeing Research & Technology (BR&T) will develop a multidisciplinary topology optimization (MDTO) algorithm that couples fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and structural analysis to design, manufacture via additive manufacturing techniques, and demonstrate a high-performance, extreme environment heat exchanger (EEHX) capable of operating at up to 900°C with a 17 MPa pressure differential with supercritical carbon dioxide. The key to delivering this EEHX technology is a revolutionary and computationally efficient MDTO capability that leverages a powerful open-source level-set topology optimization code coupled with the development of a high-speed graphics processing unit-accelerated multi-physics solvers for coupled fluid flow, heat transfer, and structural mechanics simulation. The use of an open-source topology optimization platform will reduce development costs and accelerate market adoption.


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Dr. William Horak
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Mr. Mike Stoia
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