Reducing Emission of Methane through Advanced Radical Kinetics and Adaptive Burning in Large Engines (REMARKABLE)

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College Station, Texas
Project Term:
08/15/2022 - 08/14/2025

Technology Description:

Texas Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) seeks to reduce methane emissions from compressor station natural gas (NG) engines by improving lean-burn operation, thereby reducing exhaust methane and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and maintaining low-criteria pollutant emissions. The project team will develop a nanosecond non-thermal plasma-based ignition system capable of generating radicals, ions, and highly reactive intermediate species that result in rapid self-sustaining combustion, and a cyclic combustion control strategy that predicts and mitigates partial-fire and misfire cycles. The proposed work will demonstrate a field-tested, prototype plasma ignition system and model-based, feed-forward combustion control system that would be transformative for large NG engines with potential for large-scale market adoption. The proposed concept with plasma ignition reduces methane emissions through the use of very lean fuel-air mixtures, hitherto a challenge with spark ignition. Due to improved lean burn operation, CO2 emissions will also be lowered.

Potential Impact:

REMEDY addresses methane emissions from domestic oil, gas, and coal value chains, accounting for 78% of U.S. primary energy.


REMEDY systems will reduce the environmental footprint from the production and use of domestic resources.


A key REMEDY process performance metric is to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions > 87% on a life cycle basis. This metric ensures proposed solutions provide a holistic environmental benefit. If successful, REMEDY processes have the potential to reduce U.S. methane emissions by at least 60 million tons of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalents) per year.


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Dr. Jack Lewnard
Project Contact:
Dr. Timothy Jacobs
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