Ultra-high-Performance nano-Liquid Insulation for upgrading Large Power Transformers (UPLIfT)

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Niskayuna, New York
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05/11/2021 - 11/10/2023

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The average age of large power transformers (LPTs) currently operating in the U.S is 40 years, with 70% older than 25 years. Insulation failure contributes to more than 60% of LPT failures, costing the U.S. over $18 billion annually. To improve transformer life, GE Research will develop a long-term stable nanofluid dielectric to double the service life of current LPTs to at least 80 years. GE’s TiO2-based nanofluid will replace the conventional transformer insulating fluid and is expected to improve thermal conductivity by >25% and enhance dielectric strength by at least 50%. Additionally, to prevent the deleterious effects of moisture in the insulating fluid, a soluble water-scavenger will be added to the nanofluid to reduce water content by about 50%. Both of these improvements in the transformer insulating fluid will lead to extended LPT service life.


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Dr. Isik Kizilyalli
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Dr. Jingjing (Ryan) Yang
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University of Kentucky

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