Using a Combined Approach to Evaluate Grid Energy Storage

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Katy, Texas
Project Term:
04/27/2015 - 10/30/2019

Technology Description:

Det Norske Veritas (DNV GL) and Group NIRE will provide a unique combination of third-party testing facilities, testing and analysis methodologies, and expert oversight to the evaluation of ARPA-E-funded energy storage systems. The project will leverage DNV GL’s deep expertise in economic analysis of energy storage technologies, and will implement economically optimized duty cycles into the testing and validation protocol. DNV GL plans to test ARPA-E storage technologies at its state-of-the-art battery testing facility in partnership with the New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium. Those batteries that pass the rigorous evaluation process will be adapted for testing under real world conditions on Group NIRE’s multi-megawatt, wind-integrated microgrid in Texas. Testing will show how well the ARPA-E storage technologies can serve critical applications and will assist ARPA-E-funded battery developers in identifying any issues with performance and durability. This testing will also deliver performance data that buyers of grid storage need, enabling informed choices about commercial adoption of grid storage technologies.

Potential Impact:

If successful, DNV GL and Group NIRE’s testing of ARPA-E-funded storage systems could identify performance issues and assess the economic value of systems for end-users. The development of economically optimized testing protocols can have an industry-wide impact as it may reduce the testing and validation cost burden faced by young companies with new technologies.


Greater utilization of grid storage systems could boost the resiliency of the grid by providing backup power and grid stabilization during emergencies.


Grid storage systems can facilitate the expansion of intermittent renewable energy resources.


Economically beneficial grid storage systems could spur demand for storage, leading to new manufacturing and installation jobs in the United States, and reduce the need for over-capacity in power generation, improving the cost structure of electric power delivery.


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Dr. Scott Litzelman
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Dr. Davion Hill
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