ARPA-E: The First Seven Years - A Sampling of Project Outcomes

Since 2009, ARPA-E has funded over 500 potentially transformational energy technology projects. Many of these projects have already demonstrated early indicators of technical and commercial success. ARPA-E has begun the process of analyzing and cataloging some of the agency’s most successful projects. This document is a compilation of the first volume of these impactful technologies. Click below to go directly to individual projects within the compilation. 

Grid-Scale Batteries

Fluidic (GRIDS)Enhanced Metal-Air Energy Storage System with Advanced Grid-Interoperable Power Electronics Enabling Scalability and Ultra-Low Cost
CUNY (GRIDS)Low-Cost Grid-Scale Electrical Storage Using a Flow-Assisted Rechargeable Zinc-Manganese Dioxide Battery
Harvard Flow Battery (OPEN 2012)Small Organic Molecule Based Flow Battery+
24M (BEEST)Semi-Solid Rechargeable Power Sources: Flexible, High Performance Storage at Ultralow Cost
Energy Storage Systems (ESS) (GRIDS SBIR)25kW 200kWh Energy Storage System based on All-iron Hybrid Flow Battery
Primus (GRIDS)Low-Cost, High Performance Flow Cells
UTRC (GRIDS)Transformative Electromechanical Flow Storage System
Alveo (OPEN 2012) - Open Framework Electrode Batteries for Cost-Effective Stationary Storage


Ford (AMPED)High Precision Life Testing of Automotive Batteries and Grid Storage Batteries
PARC (AMPED)Smart Embedded Network of Sensors with Optical Readout
Sila (SBIR)Doubling the Energy Density Anodes of Lithium-ion Batteries for Transportation
FastCap (OPEN 2009)Open Low-Cost, High Energy and Power Density, Nanotube-Enhanced Ultracapacitors
REL (MOVE)Fully and Intricately Conformable, Single-Piece, Mass-Manufacturable High-Pressure Gas Storage Tanks
Onboard Dynamics (MOVE)Vehicle-integrated Natural Gas Compressor
Plant Sensory Systems (OPEN 2012)Development of High-Output, Low-Input Energy Beets
University of Florida (PETRO)Producing Terpene Biofuels in Pine Trees

Grid Operations

Smart Wires (GENI)Distributed Power Flow Control Using Smart Wires for Energy Routing
Varentec (GENI)Compact Dynamic Phase Angle Regulators for Transmission Power Routing
Boston University (GENI)Transmission Topology Control for Infrastructure Resilience to the Integration of Renewable Generation
Autogrid (GENI)Highly Dispatchable and Distributed Demand Response for the Integration of Distributed Generation

Power Electronics

APEI (ADEPT)Low-Cost, Highly-Integrated Silicon Carbide (SiC) Multichip Power Modules (MCPMs) for Efficient Electric Vehicle Chargers
Transphorm (ADEPT)High Performance GaN HEMT Modules for Agile Power Electronics
Cambridge Electronics/MIT (ADEPT)Advanced Technologies for Integrated Power Electronics
Solarbridge Technologies (Solar ADEPT)Scalable Submodule Power Conversion Methods for Power Density, Efficiency, Performance, and Protection Leaps in Utility-scale Photovoltaics
Monolith Semiconductors (SWITCHES)Advanced Manufacturing and Performance Enhancements for Reduced-cost Silicon Carbide MOSFETs
Soraa (OPEN 2009)Ammonothermal Bulk GaN Crystal Growth

Energy Efficiency and Clean Power – Direct and Enabling Technologies

Makani (OPEN 2009)Airborne Wind Turbine
1366 (OPEN 2009)Direct Wafer: Enabling Terawatt Photovoltaics
Foro (OPEN 2009)Low-contact Drilling Technology to Enable Economical EGS Wells
Brookhaven/AMSC & University of Houston/SuperPower (REACT)Superconducting Wires for Direct-Drive Wind Generators
Stanford Radiative Cooling (OPEN 2012)Photonic Structures for High-Efficiency Daytime Radiative Cooling
Harvard SLIPS (OPEN 2012)Novel Slippery Coatings for Extreme Energy-savings
UHV Technologies (METALS)Low-Cost High-Throughput In-Line XRF Scrap Metal Sorter
Phononic Devices (OPEN 2009)Advanced Semiconductor Materials for High Efficiency Thermoelectric Devices
Infinia Technology Corporation (ITC) (BEETIT)An Advanced Cooler with Benign Refrigerants