ARPA-E Impacts: A Sample of Project Outcomes, Volume II

The Agency’s first compilation booklet of impact sheets, published in 2016, began the process of analyzing and cataloging some of the agency’s most successful projects. One year later ARPA-E’s research investments continue to pay off, with a number of current and alumni project teams successfully commercializing their technologies and advancing the state of the art in transformative areas of energy science and engineering. This document is a compilation of the second volume of these impactful technologies. Click below to go directly to individual projects within the compilation.


North Carolina State University and University of Massachusetts (PETRO)Engineering the Optimized Biofuel Crop
University of Illinois (PETRO)Oilcane: An Ideal Bioenergy Feedstock
Agrivida (OPEN 2009)Engineering the Optimized Biofuel Crop
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Electrofuels)Liquid Transportation Fuel from Electricity and CO2
Dioxide Materials (OPEN 2012)Converting Carbon Dioxide into Fuel
Lanzatech (REMOTE)Cheaper, Faster Waste-Gas Fermenters for Fuels and Chemicals
Bio2Electric (Ecocatalytic) (OPEN 2012)Flameless Combustion: Chemical Looping Ethane to Ethylene


RTI International (IMPACCT)Carbon Capture with Water-Free Solvents
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory/University of California, Berkeley (IMPACCT)Novel Metal-Organic Framework Sorbents for Carbon Capture
General Electric (OPEN 2012)Back to the Future, for the Electric Power Grid
University of California, Berkeley (OPEN 2012)Precise, Time Synchronized Distribution Grid Measurements
Brown University (OPEN 2012)Self-Optimizing River and Tidal Power Conversion Devices
Integral Consulting (OPEN 2012)Low-Cost, Real-Time Wave-By-Wave Assessment Tool
Otherlab (OPEN 2012)Pneumatically-Actuated PV Tracking System Reduces Cost and Improves Reliability
Glint Photonics (OPEN 2012)Low-Power Microscale Tracking for Low-Profile Daylighting


Utah State University (AMPED)Cell-Level Control in Large Battery Packs
General Electric (AMPED)Getting the Best from a Battery
Otherlab (MOVE)Intestine-Structured Gas Storage
United Technologies Research Center (MOVE)Flat, Modular Tank Technology for Natural Gas Vehicles
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (HEATS)Advanced Thermal Battery for Climate Control
University of Texas, Austin (OPEN 2012)Low Cost Voltage-Controlled Window Can Be Tuned to Block Visible and/or Infrared Light
University of California, Berkeley (OPEN 2012)Fast, Automated Building Energy Auditing
iBeam Materials (SWITCHES)Low-Cost LEDs on Flexible Metal Tapes
Alcoa (METALS)Reimagining Aluminum Manufacturing
University of Utah ( METALS)A Thermal Pathway to Low Cost Titanium Powder