ARPA-E Impacts: A Sample of Project Outcomes, Volume III

ARPA-E’s impact assessment initiative documents the scientific and commercial successes achieved by a selection of ARPA-E-funded projects. The third installment of this series, “ARPA-E Impacts: A Sampling of Project Outcomes, Volume III” provides a glimpse into the diverse and sophisticated research portfolio of advanced energy technologies that will enable the United States to tackle our most pressing energy challenges. Click below to go directly to individual projects within the compilation.


Oak Ridge National Laboratory (OPEN 2015) - New High Temperature, Corrosion Resistant Cast Alloy for Operation in Industrial Gaseous Environments 
Otherlab (DELTA) - Adaptive Apparel for Personalized Thermal Comfort 
Syracuse University (DELTA) - Micro-Environmental Control System
Energy Research Company (METALS) - Development of an Integrated Minimill for the Aluminum Industry: From Scrap to Product in One Step 
University of Utah (METALS) - Electrodynamic Sorting of Light Metals and Alloys 
Aeris Technologies, Inc. (MONITOR) - Autonomous, High Accuracy Natural Gas Leak Detection System 
Bridger Phototonics, Inc. (MONITOR) - Mobile LiDAR Sensor for Rapid and Sensitive Methane Leak Detection System 
Rebellion Photonics, Inc. (MONITOR) - goGCI - Portable Methane Detection Solution 
University of Colorado, Boulder (MONITOR) - Frequency Comb-Based Remote Methane Observation Network 

Energy Storage

Case Western Reserve University (OPEN 2012) - High Energy Storage Capacity Low Cost Iron Flow Battery
Colorado School of Mines (REBELS) - Low-Cost Intermediate-Temperature Fuel Flexible Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cell Stack 
Cadenza Innovation (RANGE) - Novel, Low-Cost, and Safe Electric Vehicle Battery 
Stanford University (RANGE) - Robust Multifunctional Battery Chassis Systems for Automotive Applications 
University of California, San Diego (RANGE) - Developing Low-Cost, Robust, and Multifunctional Battery System for Electric Vehicles - A Non-Chemical Approach 
University of Maryland (RANGE) - Safe, Low-Cost, High-Energy-Density, Solid-State Li-Ion Batteries 


Achates Power, Inc. (OPEN 2015) - Gasoline Compression Ignition Medium Duty Multicylinder Opposed Piston Engine Development 
University of Maryland (TRANSNET) - Integrated, Personalized, Real-Time Traveler Information and Incentive Technology for Optimizing Energy Efficiency in Multimodal Transportation Systems 
Clemson University (TERRA) - Breeding High Yielding Bioenergy Sorghum for the New Bioenergy Belt 
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (TERRA) - Drone Phenotyping for Sorghum Breeding 
Purdue University (TERRA) - Automated Sorghum Phenotyping and Trait Development Platform 
University of Illinois, Urbana-Campaign (TERRA) - Mobile Energy-Crop Phenotyping Platform