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Cadenza Innovation


Lithium-Ion Supercell Production Scale Up for BESS Application


Cadenza Innovation, Inc. (Cadenza) is a leading battery technology provider. Comprising a team of internationally recognized battery authorities who hold more than 125 patents, the company was founded in 2012 by Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud, one of the world’s preeminent battery experts and chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Energy Technologies. She is joined by a seasoned management team having commercialized technology for over 20 years and including more than 10 years of lithium-ion battery manufacturing and supply chain operations.  The Cadenza team has delivered global sales into electric vehicle, energy storage, consumer electronics, and specialty markets.

Cadenza was launched to deliver a safe, reliable, low-cost, and high performing lithium-ion battery.  With support from ARPA-E, global partners and mostly US investors, Cadenza successfully developed its supercell technology, which is now fully qualified and meets all industry recognized standards.  These include UL 1973, UN 38.3, IEEE 693-2018 and UL 9540A that confirms Cadenza’s antipropagation safety for thermal runway.  Cadenza’s technology, further developed into a complete battery rack system, provides the highest safety solution in a low-cost, compact and simple package that enables the developing energy storage landscape.  Cadenza’s safety achievement further broadens adoption of indoor installations while lowering the cost of permitting and warranty, as well as reducing system complexity including expensive fire mitigation.

Lithium-ion batteries, as publicized over the course of their history, pose risk for fire or explosion.  This risk is mitigated through complex engineering around the core chemistry and includes numerous mechanical and electrical controls integrated at the cell, pack and application level.  Recent explosions and fires in grid battery systems in Arizona and in >4% of South Korean battery installations*, further highlight safety concerns in large batteries.  Cadenza’s supercell represents industry best in safety, reliability, low cost and high-performance. The architecture allows systems integrators to greatly reduce traditional safety measures, freeing them instead to focus on issues other than batteries with respect to fire mitigation. Facilitating indoor installations and urban deployments, the supercell significantly lowers battery energy system integration costs. Cadenza targets the commercial and industrial (C&I) and utility markets and will also commercialize solutions for the home storage, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and telecommunications markets.

Through SCALEUP, Cadenza will fast-track US manufacturing and commercialization of its validated supercell technology.  This factory will specifically supply into the rapidly transforming energy/electricity networks across our country, serving products into utility-based energy storage, telecom, datacenters, and electric vehicles.  In this program, Cadenza will establish a low volume manufacturing line capable of producing 400,000 supercells per year, or an equivalent of >120 MWh of energy storage annually. Notably, the manufacturing operations are designed to scale quickly and cost-effectively in the future, providing 1500 jobs and 3 GWh capacity.

The lithium-ion battery market is expanding rapidly globally as identified by BNEF, IRENA and Market Research. They have projected the Electric Vehicle market will be worth $55B, the Energy Storage market will be $23B and the Specialty market will be $13B, in 2025. This demonstrates solid demand for lithium-ion batteries on all continents.

Ideal partners for Cadenza include manufacturing equipment suppliers, part suppliers, energy storage battery system integrators, electric vehicle manufacturers and energy storage developers. Cadenza also encourages discussions with investor and finance partners.

Contact Information:

Rick Chamberlain
VP of Engineering
Cadenza Innovation