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Cambridge Electronics


FinFET Technology for Data Center Voltage Regulators


Originated from cutting-edge research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge Electronics Inc. is revolutionizing the fields of power electronics and 5G communications with the next generation of Gallium Nitride technology. Our team members graduated from world renowned institutes including MIT, Harvard, and Caltech. They have had industry experience with semiconductor and telecom leaders such as Global Foundry, Maxim and T-Mobile. Our interdisciplinary team of engineers drives innovation and design through rigorous engineering and principles of physics. Right now, over 80% of world electricity is processed by power electronics systems before it is used by computers, servers, electric vehicles and other electronic devices. However, as much as 20% of this energy is wasted due to the inefficiency of traditional power electronics. Our mission is to convert more power at an efficiency higher than 95% with a smaller form factor.

Our value proposition is to drastically reduce the energy loss and size of power converters in a variety of applications. More than 30 TWh of electricity are lost every year due to inefficient power conversion in datacenters. This is equivalent to the total annual electricity consumption of about 3 million U.S. households. One of the main sources of energy inefficiencies in datacenters is the voltage regulator modules (VRMs), which does the final voltage conversion to power the CPU and GPU chips. To reduce such energy loss, Cambridge Electronics Inc. (CEI) has developed the 3DGaN power technology, a disruptive gallium nitride (GaN) transistor technology that can drastically reduce the size and power loss of datacenter VRMs by 50%. Unlike the conventional 2D structure used in previous generation GaN devices, a third dimension utilized by our 3DGaN technology opens up new possibilities that were not accessible before.

Our ideal partners include server manufacturers, voltage regulator module manufacturers and power converter manufacturers, semiconductor foundries, and corporate venture groups.

Contact Information:

Dr. Xiabing Lou
Program Manager
Cambridge Electronics