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Exergi Predictive


Connected Energy Management System for Electrified Last Mile Delivery Vehicles


Exergi Predictive, LLC is a software as a service company specifically focused on the nascent, and rapidly expanding, electrified last-mile delivery truck market. Exergi Predictive’s technology solves a critical range anxiety problem for last-mile delivery fleet operators who intend to implement electrified vehicles (EVs) throughout the US and worldwide. Team members include Eddie Arpin, software developer and expert in API, web frontend and mobile application development; Will Northrop, associate professor at the University of Minnesota and current Chief Technical Officer at Exergi Predictive; and Shawn Haag, research program manager at the University of Minnesota and current Chief Business Officer at Exergi Predictive. In addition, Sean Lock, Principal at Collective Capital, is acting as a business advisor to Exergi Predictive.


Exergi Predictive has developed a proprietary connected energy management system (C-EMS) consisting of a suite of models and algorithms operating on a cloud server that samples a small set of historical vehicle data from individual vehicles collected every second during a trip. These data are stored in a secure spatial database and are used by advanced algorithms and vehicle simulations developed to more accurately predict battery state of charge, expected range on a future route, and on-route charging requirements than current onboard predictions. Our proposed SCALEUP project will rapidly expand the C-EMS product developed for extended range electric trucks (EREVs) under previous ARPA-E research funding to the electric delivery truck market. The C-EMS technology for hybrid trucks was tested on trucks in a major commercial delivery fleet, resulting in over 20% improvement in in-use fuel economy. A more automated proof of concept will be deployed as an automated application programming interface (API) on a larger fleet of EREV trucks in the third quarter of 2020. The C-EMS product deployed during the SCALEUP project will be an API that operates similarly to the API developed for EREVs and will be integrated with telematics packages offered by electric truck manufacturers. Exergi Predictive’s service will provide delivery fleets like UPS critical range information and on-route charging information to minimize energy costs while maintaining optimal operational efficiency, rapidly enabling the transition to a sustainable electric vehicle fleet.

Exergi Predictive is seeking electric truck OEMs, fleet end-users, and telematics companies as initial partners to pilot and demonstrate our C-EMS technology. In addition, we are seeking angel investors with an interest in commercial electric vehicles.

Contact Information:

Dr. Will Northrop
CTO & CO-Founder
Exergi Predictive