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Increasing Productivity & Profitability in Battery Manufacturing via In-line Process Monitoring & Quality Management


Feasible Inc. is focused on decreasing the cost of Li-ion batteries. Our breakthrough battery intelligence platform leverages proprietary technology to address major inefficiencies in battery production. We create significant, recurring value by giving customers the ability to see batteries differently and detect issues at their source. In doing so, we enable battery manufacturers to improve profitability by >2x and automakers to build affordable EVs with >30% lower battery cost. Feasible Inc. spun out of Princeton University in 2016, and is supported by Chrysalix Ventures, Incite Labs, Cyclotron Road, Elemental Excelerator, Shell Gamechanger, ARPA-e, and NSF. We are actively testing with several major battery manufacturers and EV makers.

Feasible’s battery inspection & intelligence platform, EchoStat, uses ultrasound and data analytics to deliver actionable insights that enable customers to detect issues at their source – before they become expensive problems. EchoStat has the potential to create significant value throughout battery production as well as during operation; in the near-term, we are focused on high-impact applications within battery production. To-date, we have built robust prototypes to carry out preliminary bench-scale evaluations at our facility with major battery manufacturers and EV makers. During SCALEUP, we aim to validate that advanced inspection during upstream processes (e.g. electrolyte fill & soak, or slurry mixing & coating) and at end-of-line quality control can improve yield by >5% and decrease process times by >25%, leading to >$9/kWh in value creation. By the end of the project, we will have demonstrated EchoStat’s value in real-world process engineering and pilot production environments, which could lead to early commercial product at that scale. Ultimately, our goal is to scale up EchoStat and provide solutions to high-volume commercial production environments. If successful, this will significantly decrease the cost of production, improve profitability for battery and EV makers, and increase battery quality and reliability, all of which are crucial for electrification.

To demonstrate the value of our technology, we are looking to partner with battery cell manufacturers and electric vehicle OEMS who see battery reliability, quality, and engineering innovation as a competitive advantage.

We are also looking for channel partners, e.g. system integrators and advanced engineering companies with existing businesses in battery cell & pack production.

Finally, we are looking for investors (financial VCs, corporate venture, etc.) whose investment theses align with our mission to help us accelerate our commercialization.

Contact Information:

Dr. Andrew Hsieh
Co-Founder & CEO