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Ion Storage Systems


Production Scale Up of Safe, High Energy Density Lithium Ion Batteries


Ion Storage Systems is productizing it battery technology based on its versatile core structure. Focusing initially on its Gen1 EXTREME All-Purpose Hybrid Battery, an NMC cathode based configuration, ISS is already demonstrating market competitive performance with a significantly wider operating range using nonflammable components, no traditional separator, and much higher dimensional stability. With a 20% increase in energy density anticipated in our Gen 2 offering, ISS expects to outperform traditional Li-ion with no tradeoffs in safety or operating range. Based on internal and third party analyses, our cells will be cost competitive in our early markets once we reach a multi-MWh/yr production scale and drop below $100/kWh at GWh/yr scale. Our SCALEUP project focuses on achieving this multi-MWh/yr level of pilot scale production with work in six focus areas: (1) Increase cell footprint and electrode pair stacking to achieve commercially relevant capacities, (2) Establish a ceramic electrolyte separator production pilot line, (3) Increase the scale of our Li-metal deposition process from 10’s of cells per day to 100’s, (4) Develop scalable cell handling and cathode assembly process, (5) Establish automated or semi-automatic cell finishing pilot line, and (6) Implement professional manufacturing procedures and QC.

Ion Storage Systems unique core technology has enabled its development of non-flammable solid state batteries. Ion Storage Systems’ solid-state batteries can exceed the energy density of any battery on the market today while simultaneously addressing the safety issues associated with Li-ion batteries, and provide customer with a wide operating range allowing them to use our batteries in places and ways they could not before. Ion Storage Systems started its journey in the University of Maryland in 2012 applying for its first patent in 2013 and receiving the award for Maryland Winner of Outstanding invention of the year. Exiting the university and forming as an LLC in 2015 it continued development of its core technology winning the LG Chem Battery Challenge and being showcased in the ARPA-E impacts report. Recently ISS added multiple subject matter and battery technology experts to its staff to create a world class product development and manufacturing team. We are advancing development and manufacturing of this technology to empower our customers to transform aerospace, defense, consumer electronics, transportation, and grid markets. Our early performance-driven customers will be battery users who have a need that is not met by existing technology such as high temperature applications like autoclavable battery-powered medical devices or fire-sensitive applications like underwater military vehicles and space-based systems.

Ion Storage Systems is seeking partnerships with material suppliers, advanced manufacturing equipment suppliers, new product introduction (NPI) firms, Tier 1 integrator or OEM end user customers, and engineering design firms or battery integrators for pack production. We also welcome discussions with corporate venture and VCs who believe in our mission to create safer, more performant batteries and transform the energy landscape.

Contact Information:

Dr. Gregory Hitz
Chief Technology Officer
Ion Storage Systems