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LongPath Technologies


Basin-SCAN: Basin-Scale Continuous Oil and Gas Emissions Mitigation Network


LongPath Technologies, Inc. is a Colorado startup founded in 2017 to provide continuous methane emissions and leak detection across large regions of distributed oil & gas infrastructure, including production facilities and natural gas storage facilities. The company is led by the original development team funded under the ARPA-E MONITOR program to translate Nobel-prize-winning frequency comb laser technology to this application. LongPath is joined in this SCALEUP project by oil and gas industry partners operating in the western US that have successfully used LongPath systems and will be providing access to facilities, deployment logistics resources, and LDAR teams to the SCALEUP effort. The University of Colorado and NIST have supporting technical roles to efficiently transfer the latest frequency comb laser technology developments that continue to lower cost, simplify manufacturability, and improve robustness of the core emissions detection system.

Born out of an urgent need to find low-cost solutions to detect leaks from vast oil and gas infrastructure, LongPath’s system is akin to a radar for methane, the main component of natural gas. The monitoring approach deploys a single, centralized laser sensor that sends invisible, eye-safe beams across multiple square mile regions to detect, locate and size methane leaks among dense oil and gas infrastructure. This system is one of very few proven technologies capable of low-cost continuous monitoring, which represents a fundamental paradigm shift in oil and gas leak detection and repair. In partnership with upstream oil and gas companies, we propose an aggressive 3-year project that will drive the deployment of many systems covering 100s of square miles, and showcasing lost-cost, effective, continuous methane detection to industry, regulators, and financial institutions looking for GHG reduction solutions.

Oil and gas deployment partners: We seek upstream oil and gas companies with operations in the western US to join a consortium of SCALEUP deployment partners that provide access to facilities, deployment logistical assistance and participate in LDAR activities related to the detection network.

Corporate/strategic/venture investment: We seek investors for LongPath Technologies that operate in the oil and gas, carbon emissions reduction, and hard tech space.

OEM partners:  We seek OEM partners for high precision weatherized gimbals and low-cost retroreflectors or retroreflector arrays.

Contact Information:

Gregory Rieker
Chief Executive Officer
LongPath Technologies