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Opus 12


PEM CO2 Electrolyzer Scale-Up


Opus 12’s technology reduces emissions and provides a new revenue stream from something currently discarded as waste:  carbon dioxide. We generate products that are chemically identical to conventional fossil-fuel derived chemicals and fuels, and with a significantly lower CO₂ footprint when powered by low-carbon electricity.  We have a Joint Development Agreement and a five-year relationship with a US manufacturing partner who has scaled up and manufactures analogous electrochemical systems.  Our unique team has decades of experience productizing electrochemical technology.

Opus 12 is developing an efficient polymer-electrolyte membrane (PEM) CO2 electrolyzer that can couple to sources of renewable electricity and recycle carbon dioxide emissions into useful chemicals and fuels. Through a SCALEUP award, the Opus 12 team will build the world’s first MW-sized PEM CO2 electrolyzer and demonstrate its performance at our existing commercialization partner’s site.  Opus 12 has a signed commitment letter from one of the largest US utilities to financially support our SCALEUP work plan through all three years as well as provide a location for the demo.

The ideal partner would be corporations, end-users, or suppliers that can support the research and development of this technology during and beyond the SCALEUP award.

Contact Information:

Etosha Cave, PhD
Chief Science Officer
Opus 12