The SCALEUP program allows promising ARPA-E projects to address the “scaling gap” and retire technical risks associated with productization, manufacturing and deployment in real energy systems. SCALEUP is a first-of-its-kind initiative, supporting the scaling of high-risk and potentially disruptive new technologies across the full spectrum of energy applications. The goal of the program is to translate the performance achieved at the lab-and bench-scale to commercially viable versions of the technology. ARPA-E announced the SCALEUP 2019 full cohort of selectees in early 2021.

SCALEUP Projects

Descriptions of the SCALEUP 2019 projects are below. Here, the awardees highlight the problem they will solve and their goal, the experienced team that will achieve this, and how project aligns with the ARPA-E mission.

24M Technologies

Next-Generation Lithium Metal Anode Cells for Electric Aviation

AutoGrid Systems

Highly Scalable Virtual Power Plant (VPP) PLATFORM for Mass Storage and EV Deployments

Bridger Photonics

Scaling Disruptive Methane Leak Detection and Quantification

Finwave Semiconductor

8” 3DGaN FinFET Technology for Energy Efficient Data Centers and 5G Network

LongPath Technologies

Basin-SCAN: Basin Scale Continuous oil and gas emissions Abatement Network

Natron Energy

Domestic Manufacturing of Sodium-Ion Batteries

Sila Nanotechnologies

Scale-up Technology for Accelerated Adoption of High-Capacity Silicon Anodes in Mass Market Electric Vehicles

SkyCool Systems

Saving Energy in Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Systems Using Radiative Sky Cooling

Switched Source

Scaling Up Cost-Effective Grid Modernization



As part of the SCALEUP 2019 of the early solicitation process, ARPA-E selected twenty-six teams as Semi-Finalists. The Semi-Finalists teams were offered an opportunity to participate in the SCALEUP Launch Pad. Those who chose to participate developed profiles to help facilitate their partnering efforts. These Semi-Finalist profiles provided information on their company, team, and technology.

View the full list of SCALEUP 2019 Semi-Finalists that participated in the SCALEUP Launch Pad