Project Title: Basin-SCAN: Basin Scale Continuous oil and gas emissions Abatement Network

Location: Boulder, CO

Award Amount: $5,000,000

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Finding and fixing emissions of methane across the natural gas supply chain is an immediate, critical need for driving industry efficiencies and air quality and climate mitigation efforts. The goals of methane detection are to find and fix emissions quickly and directly measure them, whether for responsibly sourced gas (RSG) and environmental, social, governance (ESG) metrics or regulatory purposes. Real-time emissions quantification is needed across all sites—and, due to the fat-tailed distribution of problematic emitters, continuously through time. Finally, the right thresholds of detection are key to being able to dynamically address mitigation and emissions quantification needs.

Technical Approach

LongPath Technologies serves the oil and gas industry’s need for scalable, continuous, and quantitative methane emissions detection. LongPath provides facility-scale monitoring in a network design that offers high-value quantification for a very low cost. LongPath leverages the power of third-party blind and proven continuous monitoring for a full end-to-end solution that reduces risk, streamlines operations, eliminates traditional optical gas imaging burdens and defines the gold standard for sustainability.


LongPath was founded in 2017 by a team of mechanical engineers and atmospheric scientists who developed, tested, and patented long-range laser systems and algorithms to provide regional detection, quantification, and location of gas sources and leaks at the lowest cost to the industry. ARPA-E MONITOR program funding enabled original R&D efforts. Co-founders Greg Rieker, Caroline Alden, Robert Wright, and Sean Coburn led the team to commercialization, when they were joined by Ian Dickinson as CEO and a team of talented analysts, engineers, technicians, and business operations experts.

ARPA-E Mission Alignment

LongPath’s goals under the ARPA-E SCALEUP program will directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency in the fossil fuel production sector, and reaffirm U.S. scientific and innovation leadership in the energy sector.


SCALEUP 2019_LongPath1

LongPath Technologies’ scalable, quantitative methane emissions monitoring is the lowest-cost and highest-fidelity continuous monitoring solution on the market for oil and gas.

SCALEUP 2019_LongPath2

LongPath Technologies’ central laser node, with a dual frequency comb laser technology housed locally on a minimal footprint and tall tower to pitch and catch laser light, provides continuous coverage of emissions across areas of 20+ square miles.

SCALEUP 2019_LongPath3

A single, centralized laser spectrometer provides coverage of emissions across areas of 20+ square miles.