Headshot of ARPA-E Program Director Dr. Philseok Kim

Dr. Philseok Kim

Program Director

Dr. Philseok Kim, a Program Director at ARPA-E, spearheads cutting-edge energy technology programs to propel decarbonization and advancement of energy infrastructure. His focus spans technologies to underground power lines without digging (GOPHURRS), mining critical minerals without digging utilizing terrestrial plants (PHYTOMINES), ultrahigh-temperature refractory alloy systems for gas turbines (ULTIMATE), high-temperature and high-pressure, compact heat exchangers (HITEMMP), Direct Air Capture (DAC) cohort, and a range of other materials-related projects such as advanced magnetic materials, nuclear fuel cladding alloys, high-entropy alloy catalysts for ammonia oxidation, light-weight composites and metallic glasses. Dr. Kim’s forthcoming endeavor attempts to accelerate the discovery of novel materials with modern generative AI/ML tools where establishing vertically and horizontally integrated AI-ready data infrastructure for materials and sustainability of such remains as a critical gap. 

With a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Georgia Tech, Dr. Kim brings 12 years of industrial experience in petrochemicals, polymers, and coatings. Before ARPA-E, he co-founded Adaptive Surface Technologies, driving the commercialization of fouling-resistant ship coatings.

Technical Focus: Critical Materials; Grid; Efficiency; Industrial Decarbonization