ARPA-E Disruptors are stories about trailblazing ARPA-E technologies that promote a secure, affordable, and sustainable American energy future. ARPA-E technologies are transforming the way we use, generate, and store energy, and the agency’s performers have a long history of making revolutionary ideas work in the real world. These are their stories. 


ARPA-E Disruptors Series Antora Energy
Antora Energy

Antora Energy developed a revolutionary way to decarbonize heavy industry using thermal batteries that are 3x more energy dense than lithium-ion batteries.

Learn more about Antora's groundbreaking batteries.

ARPA-E Disruptors Sila Nanotechnologies
Sila Nanotechnologies

Sila Nanotechnologies’ silicon anode material is catalyzing faster charging and longer-range electric vehicles (EV) and is disrupting a technology space that has barely budged in decades.

Learn more about Sila's revolutionary anode material.