What story are you telling? 

Our congressional resources can assist your office in effectively communicating about ARPA-E. From the Agency’s history and mission to its successes and impact, here you can find information and graphics to educate your colleagues, constituents, and other stakeholders about ARPA-E. 

If we can provide any additional information or help coordinate a public event or meeting between an awardee and your office, please contact our Assistant Director of External Affairs, Peder Maarbjerg.

What is ARPA-E? 

ARPA-E History
ARPA-E Overview PowerPoint

Where is ARPA-E? 

ARPA-E Projects by State
ARPA-E Interactive Project Map

How is ARPA-E changing the U.S. energy landscape? 

ARPA-E: The First Seven Years - A Sampling of Project Outcomes, Volume I 
ARPA-E Impacts: A Sample of Project Outcomes, Volume II
ARPA-E Impacts: A Sampling of Project Outcomes, Volume III

2018 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit Highlights [INFOGRAPHIC}