arpae energy innovation summit

Awardees Share Their Innovation Stories at the 2015 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit

In early February, over 2,000 energy innovators gathered outside of Washington, DC for the 2015 ARPA-E Summit. The annual event brought together entrepreneurs, investors, industry and government thought leaders to collaborate, share knowledge, and build relationships to help bring transformative energy technologies to market.

The Summit also highlighted the achievement of ARPA-E projects and their work to advance cutting-edge technologies to change the way we generate, use, and store energy. This year, we unveiled four new videos showcasing the achievements of several ARPA-E projects as well as the Agency’s unique Technology to Market program. Watch the videos below to learn more about the innovative work happening every day through ARPA-E awardees.

The ARPA-E Technology-to-Market Program: “If It Works, Will It Matter?”

Technical success is one thing, but commercial success is another.  ARPA-E’s unique Technology-to-Market program was designed to help our awardees move their research out of the lab and into the market, accelerating the adoption of potentially game-changing technologies. The Technology-to-Market team is dedicated to the common goal of answering the fundamental question: if it works, will it matter?

Featuring remarks from Cheryl Martin, ARPA-E’s Deputy Director for Commercialization, as well as interviews with three members of the Technology-to-Market team, this video demonstrates ARPA-E’s commitment to both the development and deployment of transformational energy technologies. The video also incorporates footage shot on site with several ARPA-E awardees from this as well as prior years’ videos.

The Value of Strategic Partnerships: AutoGrid & Arkansas Power Electronics International

Strong strategic partnerships can be the difference between those technologies that only achieve success in the lab and those that actually break into the marketplace. Two ARPA-E awardees—AutoGrid and APEI—have forged strategic partnerships that have positioned their technologies to achieve success in the market. This video features remarks from ARPA-E Technology-to-Market Advisor Josh Gould and interviews with technologists at AutoGrid and APEI, who each tell the story of how their company leveraged relationships with strategic partners to broaden their customer base and bring their technology to life.

The Importance of Internal Development: EaglePicher Technologies & Baldor Electric Company

The story of an ARPA-E awardee doesn’t end when ARPA-E funding runs out. Two ARPA-E awardees—Eagle Picher Technologies and Baldor Electric Company—have developed technologies to the point where internal stakeholders of their respective companies committed additional funds to help these technologies achieve success in the market. This video features remarks from ARPA-E Technology-to-Market Advisor Kacy Gerst and interviews with technologists at Eagle Picher and Baldor, who each tell the story of how they achieved buy-in from their internal leadership to further develop their ARPA-E-funded technologies.

The Role of Startups: Ambri & BlackPak Technologies

Many ARPA-E-funded universities and research institutions have created start-up companies to further catalyze their next-generation technologies. Ambri and BlackPak are two examples of ARPA-E projects that were spun out by other institutions—Massachusetts Institute of Technology and SRI International, respectively—in an effort to get their technologies out of the lab and into the market quickly. This video features remarks from ARPA-E Senior Commercialization Advisor Sue Babinec and interviews with technologists at Ambri and BlackPak, who each tell the story of how their new companies spun out of the lab and have become agile startups capable of delivering real products to the marketplace.