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Six ARPA-E Awardees Among Teams Set to Receive up to $775m in Funding as Part of Historic DOE Industrial Decarbonization Effort

The DOE Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations (OCED) injects historic funding into difficult-to-decarbonize industries.

On March 25, 2024, OCED announced a historic $6 billion in funding for 33 projects across more than 20 states aimed at industrial decarbonization. Six of the selected teams — Antora, Brimstone, Electrified Thermal Solutions, LanzaTech, Sublime Systems, and Via Separations — have previously received ARPA-E early-stage R&D funding. ARPA-E, DOE’s high-risk, high-potential early-stage R&D agency, illustrates the importance of supporting promising energy ideas so that they can become successful, deployable technologies.

Five of the ARPA-E-funded companies — Antora, Electrified Thermal Solutions, LanzaTech, Sublime Systems, and Via Separations — are scheduled to exhibit at the upcoming ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit from May 22-24 just outside Dallas at the Gaylord Convention Center. You can read more about OCED projects featuring ARPA-E teams below (ARPA-E awardees are bolded within the descriptions):

ARPA-E OCED Blog Antora Energy
Summit Materials & Antora Energy (up to $215.6M)

ARPA-E-funded industrial heat and energy company Antora Energy is part of The Low-Carbon Calcined Clay Cement Demonstration project, led by Summit Materials, Inc., which plans to construct four new calcination facilities in Maryland, Georgia, and Texas. This project would demonstrate the viability of displacing high-emitting limestone-based cement with a clay-based product in multiple geographies. 


Brimstone Energy (up to $189M)

Brimstone plans to construct a first-of-a-kind commercial-scale demonstration plant that would fundamentally transform the way cement is made. The project would produce 140,000 metric tons per year of decarbonized industry standard ordinary portland cement (OPC) and supplementary cementitious materials, and other co-products.

ARPA-E OCED Blog Brimstone Energy
ARPA-E OCED Blog Electrified Thermal Solutions
ISP Chemicals, Tennessee Valley Authority, Electrified Thermal Solutions (Up to $35.2M)

ISP Chemicals (Ashland), Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and Electrified Thermal Solutions (ETS), plan to replace natural gas boilers with electric heat delivered via a thermal battery, reducing GHG emissions associated with steam generation by nearly 70% at Ashland’s Calvert City, Kentucky chemical plant. This project intends to demonstrate electrification with thermal heat storage using ETS’s Joule Hive system, supported by ARPA-E.

T.EN Stone & Webster Process Technology and LanzaTech (Up to $200M)

T.EN Stone & Webster Process Technology, Inc. in partnership with LanzaTech plan to demonstrate an integrated process to utilize captured carbon dioxide from ethylene production—an important building block for many products—by applying a biotech-based process and green hydrogen to create clean ethanol and ethylene.

ARPA-E OCED Blog LanzaTech
ARPA-E OCED Blog Sublime Systems
Sublime Systems (Up to $86.9M)

Sublime Systems’ new method to make cement replaces carbon-intensive limestone with abundant calcium silicate-based feedstocks, resulting in industry-standard cement that is produced electrochemically instead of using high heat.

International Paper Company and Via Separations (Up to $46.6M)

International Paper Company (IP) and Via Separations (Via) are partnering to decarbonize a thermal process at IP’s Mansfield, Louisiana site using Via’s novel membrane-based technology, previously supported by ARPA-E. This project plans to not only reduce the facility’s greenhouse gas emissions but to also demonstrate the credibility of the membrane technology to scale across the 130 domestic pulp and paper mills and other industrial sectors, such as chemical manufacturing.

ARPA-E OCED Blog Via Separations