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Advanced Power Electronics Corporation


Smart Plug 2.0: Improving Energy Efficiency and Preventing Electrical Hazards


As the electrical grid continues to leverage alternate sources of energy and storage, there is an increased necessity for greater load-side efficiency, safety and intelligence. The team is developing and commercializing smart solid-state circuit breaker technology to a level that will enable unparalleled levels of electrical safety, energy efficiency and actionable energy usage data.  The team is led by the Advanced Power Electronics Corporation in partnership with the Illinois Institute of Technology.  Our team’s unique background includes solid-state circuit protection, wide bandgap devices and application, highly integrated power circuit design, digital signal processing and control, manufacturing, and commercialization and licensing success across many industries.

The team has developed commercially viable solid-state circuit breaker, power monitoring and smart load controller solution.  The developed technology has the ability to be the first NEC compliant drop-in solution, opening a huge residential and commercial market in new-construction as well as upgrade.

The goals of this SCALEUP effort are to advance the commercial viability of the developed solid-state protection and monitoring technology, achieve regulatory certification and approval for residential and commercial applications, and to develop commercial partnerships for manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales.

We are seeking partnership with companies currently involved in grid automation, power distribution, and electrical wiring and safety technology.

Contact Information:

John C. Elmes, PhD
Advanced Power Electronics Corporation