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Bridger Photonics


Scaling Disruptive Methane Leak Detection and Quantification


With support from the ARPA-E MONITOR program, Bridger developed and commercialized their Gas Mapping LiDAR™ (GML) technology to efficiently detect, locate, and quantify methane emissions from aircraft throughout the entire natural gas value chain.  From that success, Bridger secured Series A investment in 2018 and released GML commercially in 2019.  Bridger’s GML revenues more than doubled every quarter throughout 2019 and Bridger achieved profitability more than a year and a half ahead of schedule during Q1 of 2020.  Bridger’s executive team is comprised of three PhD laser physicists, two of which have worked under Nobel Laureates and one of which is a Fulbright Scholar. Our idyllic Bozeman, Montana location, our genuine company culture, and our exciting LiDAR technology have attracted world-class talent throughout the organization (now 30 employees).

Bridger’s GML technology, which received an R&D 100 Award for 2019, is changing the way methane emissions are discovered and managed throughout the entire natural gas value chain.  Bridger’s value proposition is simple: “We sensitively screen your sites from the air and hand you an ‘answer key’ showing the locations and sizes of your leaks.  This typically allows you to skip the cost and hazards of visiting 60% to 90% of your sites with ground crews.” Our technology has the sensitivity from the air to detect greater than 90% of upstream methane emissions, making it one of the fastest, least expensive, and most impactful pathways to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Bridger now seeks to leverage their remaining Series A investment funding as cost share to rapidly and strategically scale operations and deployment through the ARPA-E SCALEUP program.

Bridger’s ideal investor is a corporate/strategic investor that will commit to providing tangible opportunities that accelerate Bridger’s growth in the oil and gas industry (upstream, midstream, and/or downstream).

Contact Information:

Dr. Pete Roos
President & CEO
Bridger Photonics