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Turbo-Compression Cooling


The Turbo-Compression Cooling (TCCS) SCALEUP Team is comprised of a core execution and commercialization team, an industrial site partner, and several key supply chain partners. Mantel Technologies, and its subsidiary Harvest Cooling, will be responsible for the majority of the project execution. Combining Mantel’s experience in complex technology prototyping, demonstration siting, and test and evaluation with expertise in novel thermal systems (CSU) positions the team well for success. Established in 2020, Harvest Cooling’s mission is to bring economical, compact heat recovery solutions to the global market. In conjunction with the SCALEUP program, Harvest Cooling will establish additional supply chain relationships, evolve its go-to-market strategy and identify early adopter customers for TCCS. Translation of SCALEUP results into commercial success will be achieved by:

- Proven executive leadership. Team leadership brings a proven track record in business start-up and early stage scaling.
- Technical expertise. The team includes the inventor of TCCS who is focused on transitioning fundamental research into realizable thermal systems.
- Diverse advisory board. Harvest Cooling is building an advisory board to complement its in-house leadership team, which currently includes experience in the waste heat recovery market and targeted end user industry segments.
- Capitalizable IP. Mantel and Harvest Cooling have exclusive rights to the TCCS IP portfolio developed by CSU and is pursuing additional markets in parallel with SCALEUP to accelerate growth and increase investment upside.

The proposed SCALEUP project aims to demonstrate the potential of turbo-compression cooling as a means of recovering low temperature waste heat and converting it into cooling. In addition to capturing otherwise wasted heat, the system offers a compact footprint – making it ideally suited for retrofit and new-build plant settings alike. The proposed effort is focused on a field demonstration at an industrial partner site (LOI secured). The partner site is characterized as having an abundance of waste heat and a large cooling demand. The project will demonstrate the ability to provide a significant ROI while reducing site electricity usage. A full-scale prototype demonstrator will be fabricated and demonstrated. 

We’re interested in both cash investment partners and supply chain partners with in-kind contributions. Ideally prospective investment partners will have pre-existing interests in heat recovery and/or cooling technologies or established channels in user markets.

Contact Information:

Mike Cushman
President & CEO
Mantel Technologies