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SkyCool Systems


Saving Energy In Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Systems Using Radiative Sky Cooling


Our team consists of pioneers in advancing radiative cooling as a technology. The team was the first to demonstrate that radiative cooling could be used during the day, and the first to demonstrate the application of radiative sky cooling with air conditioning and refrigeration systems. We’ve grown our team to build and scale in the commercial and industrial refrigeration space. We have successfully deployed initial pilots in the field, and have developed a deep understanding of how radiative sky cooling can address customers’ critical needs.

SkyCool Systems has developed a rooftop, radiative sky cooling panel that improves the efficiency of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Daytime radiative sky cooling is enabled by our patented1 multilayer optical approach, achieved by films with high solar reflectivity which send heat into space. Our panels cool without evaporating water and only require the electricity to run a small circulating pump. The cooling effect from our panels occurs all day and night and is very well aligned with the 24/7 operation of commercial and industrial refrigeration systems where cooling is a dominant load.

We are proposing to integrate arrays of panels in low and medium temperature circuits in commercial and industrial refrigeration systems to lower the amount of cooling that needs to be performed by the refrigeration system. The estimated electricity savings for refrigeration applications is 500 to 600 kWh/m2 of panel/year, 2x-3x the electricity generated from solar. We have completed several commercial installations demonstrating the effectiveness of our system. SkyCool panels provide energy savings of 15% - 20%. The goal of this project is to complete more deployments of our panel system and in effect streamline installations and demonstrate energy savings with partners.

We are looking for prominent financial partners in the climate tech space to bring capital and insight to scaling our business.

We are looking to work grocery stores and refrigerated warehouse facilities to deploy our technology on the roofs of their facilities.

Contact Information:

Eli Goldstein
Co-Founder & CEO
SkyCool Systems