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Transformation of the Distribution System: Distributed and Resilient Optimal Power Flow


Utilidata is an industry leader in grid optimization with a decade of experience controlling the operation of distribution grid assets. Our patented technology, built using real-time data and machine learning techniques, puts real-time operational controls at the grid-edge to make the grid cleaner, smarter, and more efficient. We have deployed our technology across 10 states on over 200 circuits and more than 3 million metering end points, driving unparalleled energy savings of 3-5 percent. In addition to optimizing voltage, our solutions are built to support more complex use cases, enabling the growth of distributed energy resources by seamlessly integrating solar panels, electric vehicles, battery storage, and more.

Our team’s diverse expertise ranges from grid modernization research and development to growing a clean energy business both at a utility and as a third-party supplier and holding senior energy policymaking positions. Given our combination of technological, commercial, and regulatory expertise, we bring an unparalleled understanding of what it takes to deploy a grid modernization solution at scale.

The modern, clean electric grid will need to integrate massive amounts of variable and intermittent renewable generation and distributed, customer-sited assets. It will also require new tools to ensure resiliency in the face of more challenging operating conditions from stronger storms to wildfires. The Real-time Optimal Power Flow (RT-OPF) technology is a distributed optimization platform that has shown the potential to facilitate seamless integration of flexible load and distributed energy resources (DERs) into grid operations. Our SCALEUP project will work to deploy this technology at scale, in part by embedding the technology in residential and commercial electric meters.

Our ideal partners are technology companies with vast experience interfacing directly with DERs.

Contact Information:

Madeleine Ankhelyi
Strategy Analyst