Advanced Occupancy Sensors for Better Buildings Workshop

Advanced Occupancy Sensors for Better Buildings
July 12-13, 2016
Portland, OR 

ARPA-E hosted the “Advanced Occupancy Sensors for Better Buildings” workshop on July 12-13, 2016 in the Portland, OR area. This workshop brought together thought leaders from distinct science, engineering, and industrial communities. Attendees discussed the impact that innovations in occupancy sensing technologies can make in curbing building heating, cooling, and ventilation (HVAC) use without compromising the health and comfort of building occupants. Specifically, participants lended their expertise to help inform technical metrics for advanced occupancy sensor concepts, cost targets (including for both residential and commercial settings), and identify productive avenues of research.  

Areas of interest and targeted outcomes for this workshop included:

Identifying emerging innovations in accurate, low-cost, low-power occupancy sensors that can be widely deployed in residential and commercial buildings (for both retrofit and new construction applications).

Evaluating the market impact and best technical practices for integration of advanced occupancy sensors into existing building management and HVAC control systems.

Assessing gaps in real-world validation techniques to prove the functionality, energy savings potential, and cost effectiveness of such technologies.

Delineating the techno-economic risk factors associated with occupancy sensing, e.g., transparency to users, versatility, cost, privacy, durability, service, installation, lifetime, etc. and highlight how these risk factors can be overcome.

Day 1- July 12

Welcome and Introduction to ARPA-E, Patrick McGrath, ARPA-E

Workshop Background & Objectives, Jennifer Gerbi, ARPA-E Slides | Video

Invited Presentations 

        Alan Meier, LBNL
        Michael Brambley, PNNL

Panel Discussion: User needs; identifying the market pull and requirements for occupancy sensing technologies
       Ryan Hoest, EcoVox

       Mark Malchiondo, Ecobee
       Michael Rowand, Duke Energy
       Kenneth Seeton, CSUDH
       Michael Siemann, Weatherbug
       Moderator: Michelle Coates, Booz Allen Hamilton

Breakout 1: The Market Challange 

Day 2- July 13

Welcome to Day 2, Jennifer Gerbi, ARPA-E 

Invited Presentations 
       Hayden Reeve, UTRC                                                                                  

       Shadi Hawawini, PsiKick

Round Table Discussion: The benefits and challenges of using technologies for occupancy sensing and people counting. 
       Prabir Barooah, Univ. of Florida

       Paul Fini, Cree Inc.
       Maulin Patel, Current 
       Mirrasoul Mousavi, ABB
       Jim Klee, Veris
       Moderator: Kristen Brown, ARPA-E

Testing Facility Presentations
       Timothy Labreche , Syracuse Univ.

       Martha Symko-Davies, NREL-ESIF
       Cindy Regnier, LBNL

Breakout 2: The Technical Challenge