iEdison is the platform you, as an ARPA-E awardee, will use to comply with your award’s invention, patent, and utilization reporting requirements. This guide is designed to be used by anyone reporting on their organization’s award, including the individual identified as the Tech Transfer/iEdison point of contact. 

This document is designed to help you navigate the reporting requirements for your award to help you be compliant.  It will help you to file and work with invention reportspatent reports, and utilization reports, with screenshots that show what you will see when you are carrying out these tasks. Note the utilization reporting section is longer and more detailed than the others.  Other issues, such as account administration, will be towards the end of the document.

For system issues with iEdison please contact or 1-866-504-9552 (press option 3) or refer to the following website:

For ARPA-E specific questions on iEdison, please contact the ARPA-E Team via email at