The SCALEUP program allows promising ARPA-E projects to address the “scaling gap” and retire technical risks associated with productization, manufacturing and deployment in real energy systems. SCALEUP is a first-of-its-kind initiative, supporting the scaling of high-risk and potentially disruptive new technologies across the full spectrum of energy applications. The goal of the program is to translate the performance achieved at the lab-and bench-scale to commercially viable versions of the technology.

SCALEUP 2021 follows upon the successes of SCALEUP 2019, ARPA-E's first batch of project funding within the SCALEUP program.

Press Release

In November 2022, ARPA-E announced the 8 projects selected to the SCALEUP 2021 program. Read our SCALEUP 2021 press release to learn more!

SCALEUP Projects

The SCALEUP 2021 projects, based at private companies across seven different states, will develop novel technologies that enhance existing clean energy infrastructure, such as aircraft electrification, rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging, and advanced floating offshore wind turbine technologies.


Hybrid Electric Aircraft Technology Platform

CorePower Magnetics

Scaled In-Line Processing Facility for Permeability Engineered Nanocrystalline Magnetics

Imagen Energy

CHARGED: Commercialization of Highly Accelerated Reliable Grid-Networked Energy Delivery


Carbon Sequestration and Climate Resiliency Via Super Wood

Kent Houston Offshore Engineering

Passively Controlled Floating Wind Platforms for Low-Cost Energy

Niron Magnetics

Pilot Production for Commercial Sampling of Rare-Earth-Free Iron Nitride Permanent Magnets

Quidnet Energy

Catalyzing Commercialization of Geomechanical Pumped Storage

Via Separations

DISPLACER: Deploying Industrial Separation Processes Leading to Accelerated Climate Emissions Reductions