Efficient Recovery of Dilute Helium Gas Using Molecular Sieve Membranes

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Cambridge, Massachusetts
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09/26/2022 - 09/25/2024

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Domestic helium supplies are diminishing, while global demand is rising due to high-tech industries, medical diagnosis, chip manufacturing, and space exploration. Osmoses will develop of a novel family of ultrapermeable and ultra-selective polymer membranes that can efficiently capture dilute sources of this critical gas from feedstocks that are otherwise wasted. Osmoses will optimize its proprietary polymer synthesis procedure to reduce costs and enable rapid scale-up. The polymer will then be formed into an ultra-thin membrane film for helium recovery from natural gas streams, which in the US contain an estimated 306 billion cubic feet of recoverable helium and represent a significant opportunity. The Osmoses team will develop a techno-economic process model to minimize helium’s production price as a function of helium feed composition.


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Dr. Charles Werth
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Dr. Holden Lai
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