Gypsum & Clay-Based Additives to MSW for Pre-Combustion Enhancement of Syngas and Solid Residue Improvement

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New York, New York
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07/09/2021 - 01/08/2024

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Currently spent fluid catalytic cracking catalysts are classified as non-hazardous. The quantity is significant at nearly 400,000 tons produced annually, which are sent to landfills. Gypsum waste is estimated at 13 million tons annually with only 2% recycled into new wallboard. If these materials can be profitably combined with the nearly 30 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) annually processed in waste-to-energy (WTE) facilities, it will increase the MSW going to thermal processing facilities and recover materials currently being landfilled. City College proposes to study the impacts of the chosen co-feeds with MSW on syngas and residual properties. The result will be the production of value-added materials.


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Dr. Douglas Wicks
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Marco Castaldi
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